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Meet Mari

Marianne Candela, MAT 

Marianne Candela is a former experienced Credentialed & Mastered High School English Teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the primary/secondary education industry. She is passionate about teaching her students & coaching community members self-advocacy &  through Trauma-Informed methodologies that cultivate resilience and stretch the neuroplasticity of our minds.


Born and raised in Sacramento, California and the last of 5 children, Marianne’s devotion to healing generational & inherited familial traumas impacts every part of her work.  Her history with narcissistic abusers in family, work & romantic relationships have cultivated a fierce commitment to self love as the radical action in ending cycles of abuse.


As a brain injury survivor & her lifetime experience with a variety therapies from talk therapy, hypnosis,  to neurological brain mapping (and everything in between) she has fostered a curiosity to explore all avenues in healing and to help coach others during their healing journeys. 

She understands that healing is never a linear journey & sometimes it can be a lonely road to walk, a Mindfull Place aims to be the community space survivors can go to find connection, comfort and breath. 

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